NaNoWriMo 2015 – Journal, day one; reconnecting with creativity


Day One:  0 words

Running Total:  0 words


So, after fretting and thinking for half of the month of October, getting more and more nervous as the starting gate approached, I decided to dig out the incomplete first draft of Guardian’s Choice.  I’d honestly rather be writing a brand new one, but…

Well, it’s been a difficult few years, creatively speaking.  In spite of participating in National Novel Writing Month since 2012, I’ve lost the habit of  writing every day; I’ve even lost my connection with the words that used to constantly bubble up in my mind whether I had paper and pen in front of me or not, turning each writing session into a thrilling, effortless flow.  I don’t think I’ve had a single productive writing session for three years or more.  And I’m never going to get published that way!

So pulling an old story back into the light is the next thing to starting a new one.  And it’s perfectly acceptable for NaNo, so long as every word that’s counted by the end of November is unique to this year

Took me all day to reread what I’d written before on this story.  (I’m going to finish the rotter this year if it kills me!)  I remember only vaguely where I was going with it and how I was going to get there, even though I know how the story has to end up and what information I have to leave the reader with, so it doesn’t conflict with what’s in Guardian’s War.

Wish I could still just mentally connect with my characters – have K’Tytha, Kina and Darron tell me what they’re doing, thinking, feeling, while I passively record what they send to me.

That’s how writing used to be, for me.  Hopefully it will be again.  But reconnecting with creativity is kind of hard – so far, it’s been a two-year process without much progress.

And no words written today, either.  Just catching up on the old story, trying to get a feel for the characters again, and trying to plan out what I’m going to write tomorrow.  Probably not a good idea to start the month already in the hole, but so long as the words are flowing, it’s no problem to write 3400 instead of 1700.  Just need to plan out the scenes well enough so that the words flow, just like with Oncoming Storm from 2012.  Ah, it’ll be no problem.  As soon as I start writing, I’ll remember the storyline I was building.

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