NaNoWriMo 2015 – Journal, day two – behind already?!?

Day two, three

Day Two:  1674 words

Running Total:  1674 words

Argh, argh, arrrgggghhhh!

Who in the worlds are these people?  Kina used to be a friend of mine…!

Have you ever noticed that?  How characters you write about often enough become real people in your head, with not just likes and dislikes, strengths and flaws; but also good days and bad, histories with family and friends, quirks of personality that irritate or endear?  Kina is one of my favorite people among the Guardians and their world.  He’s caught in an untenable situation with plenty that can go wrong if he makes a bad decision, and at the same time he’s aware of the responsibility he also welcomes it, because that’s what Guardians do.

And now I’ve lost touch with that special spark that says Kina inside my head.  And if I can’t reconnect with him, I definitely won’t be able to with K’Tytha or Darron!

And exactly what was I going to have Darron witness at the emergency meeting of the Inner Circle?  I remember it was going to help soften his attitude toward K’Tytha, develop a bit of compassion for Guardians in general, but all he seems to feel is irritation at the constant contradictions he sees between what they’re supposed to be, what they purport to be, and how they actually live, their rules and regs, the Guardian verison of the Orocnian Manual.  And how was I going to have him witness it?  I can’t just have Kina give him the understanding and knowledge with the Teacher’s Ability, not again – too much deus ex machina, and as an Orocnian he’d never tolerate it anyway.


It’s all about habits, you know.  I no longer write daily; that’s the real problem.  And I never filled out a detailed outline for this story.  Should probably start doing that; that way I can let tales lie fallow for a while, then pick them back up again with an understanding of exactly where I was and where I was going.  It’s just that outlines are so limiting… I don’t mind when my characters take me off on tangents, I really don’t.

Time enough to buckle down tomorrow.  I have to get caught up; I’m still a day behind, and the longer that goes on the harder it’ll become to stick to the NaNo novel.

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