NaNoWriMo 2015 – Journal, day four; playing catchup

NaNoWriMo day four

Day Four:  4309 words

Running Total:  6835 words

Yay!  I’m green, I’m green, I’m green!  I love the weekends!  They are such great times for writing uninterrupted!

Of course, the problem is that I spent all of today writing about basically nothing.  Minutae!  Every glance, every word – and the Circle meeting should not hjave taken this long to complete.  And… do you know, I’m almost certain I’m giving too much away.  On the other hand, writing out things in their entirety can help streamline the story later on.  And I’m starting to get a feel for the incidental characters – the area leaders, their views and typical reactions.

But I’m not at all sure I should be writing it from Darron’s point of view.  There’s just too much he doesn’t understand about the subtleties and underpinnnings of Guardian society, that Kina instinctively grasps and accepts with a thought or two.  You’d think that would make Darron the perfect candidate to teach the reader about Guardian society, but ignorance can actually be a detractor, not a help.  There’s too much that needs explaining, with the corollary that if you don’t match the reader’s ignorance with the character’s, you run the risk of boring the reader by explaining something to death.

Definitely going to have to put in a lot of work there, because it can’t stand as written.  Too wordy, and at the same time not enough of the right details.  But that’s work for another day.  For the moment, it’s enough that I’ve gotten caught up to the word c ount!

Hah!  I’ve said for years that I can talk for hours about nothing at all.

Now the trick is to maintain and start to gain; playing catchup is no fun at all, and it leads to thoughts of discouragement, frustration, and quitting.  From this day onward, a minimum of 1700 words per day!

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