NaNoWriMo 2015 – Journal, day five; getting distracted

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Day Five:  1729 words

Running Total:  8564 words

Didn’t quite catch the picture before the day counter clocked over – and anyway, I was still working in the wee hours, and the NaNo site allows you to adjust your word count day by day, so if you enter a total and get it wrong, or if you don’t update daily you can still correct to each day’s true totals.

Anyway.  I updated the day five word count as I was working to two and three in the morning. (Starting to get a bit obsessed with catching a good shot of the Northern Lights – yes, they can be seen in southern Minnesota.  Caught this one in the early morning hours of the 4th:

Northern lights glow and meteor

Not much for the Aurora, but the meteor was a wicked cool addition!  (I do some photography in addition to writing.)

Anyway.  At least today I got to the end of the Circle meeting, finally.  I wish I could remember what I’d originally intended!  The scene would have been so much easier to write, I’d have a clear direction for what the characters need to do now, and I think I was going to use it as one more incidence of tension between K’Rynda and K’Tytha.  But I can’t actually remember.  And really, I needed to make K’Rynda a bit more sympathetic to the reader anyway, so maybe having her refuse the Circle’s advice to give the Leader-second an ultimatum regarding her taking a mate is a better outcome than having her take a hard line.

Still don’t know how I’m going to get Darron and K’Tytha to the point where they’re willing to consider each other.  I mean, I know that’s how they have to end up, or Kiana won’t be born.  And I know that Miran influences them, and the knowledge that the Guardians are dying from genetic specificity pushes at K’Tytha.  And since they’re rhiansehren they’ll be draw to each other… but what’s the impetus?  What’s the key that makes them decide, given how distasteful crossing their own bloodlines with another species is for both races?

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