NaNoWriMo 2015 – Journal, day six; world building

NaNo 2015 - day six

Day Six:  2568 words

Running Total:  11,132words

It’s been an exciting day.  I not only got my word count finished early today, I got a required blog post done too, all about the NaNoWriMo and the kind of persistence it takes to complete the challenge!

And you know what?  I’m almost a full day ahead, now.  And I’ve come up with some ideas for working through some of the problems I see with my original setup, which pressures would act on my characters, and how, to get them to jump the way the storyline needs them to.

Ever noticed that?  The more you write, the easier coming up with alternate scenarios becomes on those occasions when the characters get obstinate and just won’t go where you want them to go?

You know, and that’s not all.  It’s becoming habit again, to write – but I still apparently need an external deadline to make me do it, even though I know it’s what I should do; what I need to do, if I ever want to be a successful writer.

Ooh!  And I finally got to work in some of the facts and figures about the Guardian’s planet itself, things that are important but hadn’t come up yet in conversation.  I figured Darron would eventually ask…

I need to do more research.  World building by imagination is actually the easy part; hard part of most science fiction that I’ve written is coming up with the scientific explanations for why things are a certain way.  For example, the Guardians’ home planet orbits a binary sun; so what kind of effects does that have on the planet?  What kind of gravitational stresses does it produce?  What are the suns’ orbits like, as they rotate around their own axis and revolve around each other?  How hot can they be, what class do they have to fall into, and how far away does the planet have to be, in order to be in a habitable zone in a binary system?

How far away is the moon, and what does its orbit need to be, in order to produce a 54-day cycle?

See?  Tons of research.  What I need is a decent world building program for gamers, where I plug in the parameters that I already know have to exist and the program fills in the rest, and then tells me what needs to be watched and what’s an impossibility.

Then I could finally generate my 3-D map of the Sphere and all its associated planets and space station locations.

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