NaNoWriMo 2015 – Journal, day seven; The inner editor

NaNo 2015 - day 7

Day Seven: 1751 words

Running Total:  12,883 words

Not as good a total today as yesterday.  And later in the evening, too.  Don’t really like that.  And I’ve lost ground on getting a day ahead.

But.  I still managed my requisite 1700 per day.  And I’m still ahead of the game, if you multiply my personal goal of 1700 times seven.  Although… I think my actual personal rule is yesterday’s total plus 1700… which would mean I’m behind again.  I think.

Still.  Today’s stint involved K’Tytha bringing the orphaned northern cubs back with her – I knew I was going to have a confrontation with her mother over it… and yet, even though that would make sense with K’Rynda later character, in “Guardian’s War,” it doesn’t make sense for her now.  Trouble is, K’Tytha didn’t ask permission, and that’s a no-no in Guardian society… I think.

Just how much power does the successor have, before the predecessor retires?  And is that dynamic different for the First Packleader and Leader-second?  I don’t know.  And if I don’t know, nobody does.  These are my people, my society, my rules.

Ugh.  Yet another thing I’m going to have to figure out before this story is a coherent whole.  You know, and how was Darron supposed to react to all this?  K’Tytha’s going to have to hunt for these orphans while they’re living in the Caves of Decision; Kina and the profession leaders Enzel, Seriph, and Cheril will be able to help only sporadically; Brandon is still counted among the cubs, so he can’t assist; and why would K’Rynda consent?  Even with the squeaks and mumblings coming from hungry young, she’ll definitely see this as K’Tytha’s problem, taken on freely, and if it’s too much for her to handle then she can just humble herself and ask for help… which K’Tytha would never do.  You know, and how is Brandon going to handle all this?  Will he be jealous?  Will he be supportive?  He’s become kind of a straw-character… and he’s going to be important later on.  Argh argh, aarrrgghhhh!

Which kind of brings to mind the other purpose of NaNo; silencing the inner editor.  For thirty days, we’re just supposed to write; don’t worry if it doesn’t make sense, don’t worry if you depart from your outline, assuming you have one; it’s about forming the habit and writing, writing, writing the words as they come.  You’re not supposed to change a thing.

I will admit that I have.  I actually went back and erased a bunch of what I wrote yesterday; it was leading somewhere the story couldn’t be allowed to go.  (Which is kind of why my word count is a little shy of what I actually wrote.)

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