First-ever journal: Getting Started

You can’t finish unless you get started; heck, you can’t even get started until you get started.  I’ve had this course on building fine-quality low-content books for a while now, but I’ve never been all the way through the course, not even attempted to build a book.  And just like medicine, information can’t do you any good while it’s still sitting in its container!

So today’s the day!  Going to go through the course, module by module, and follow along, creating my first rough draft of a low-content book step-by-step.

(Incidentally, if publishing any kind of book has ever crossed your mind as something you’d like to do, you absolutely have to check out Kristen Joy!  She is an amazing teacher, she has a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the publishing world that astonishes, and she is not only willing to share what she knows, she is able to articulate it so the newbie can understand.)

So, first step – deciding what kind of journal I want to create.  As I was watching the tutorial and feeling just a bit overwhelmed by the sheer number and variety of potential books (limited only by imagination), there was a one-sided conversation running in the back of my head:

I like aircraft.  I really like to fly.  I love attending airshows and watching the aerobatics…!

And in sharing the stories afterward, every now and again my tale is interrupted by not quite being able to remember where I saw a particular pilot perform for the first time… or in what year it was that I first saw it.  And then there’s all those details that blur together – when did I meet those nice folks that offered a seat in the first-class tent?  When was it that the whole performance got rained out, but we got to see the rocket truck?  Oh, nuts!  Who was that pilot that did that maneuver we liked so much, and what did he fly…?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a journal for airshow enthusiasts?  Then you scribble down what you saw, who you met, any great stories from the trip…

I should do that.

Holy cow – there are seriously no journals ever made and put up for sale on Amazon that cover airshows?  Idea journals, meditation journals, travel journals (ooh – I should do a series of travel journals for people who go on cruises!), even a couple of gardening journals, but none for aviation enthusiasts?

That could mean two, maybe three things:  Nobody’s ever thought of it before, which is unlikely; there’s no market for it, which is possible; everyone who ever had the idea dismissed it because nobody had ever done it before.

Ah, heck.  All of business is a risk; I’m going to take this one.

Immediately my brain kicked into gear and started spitting out ideas for pages; I started writing them down frantically, determined not to let a single one escape.  Because once you’ve covered the performances, what else is there to include?  And you have to have enough pages to make the journal worthwhile for people to buy – a lot of folk just plain don’t like the journals that are nothing but lines on blank pages.

Wait, hold it, stop.  Step by step.  You’ve got a rough idea of the interior, work on the cover.  Once that’s done, submit it to the group on Facebook and get feedback.  Nobody makes it without a mastermind!

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