First ever journal: The cover


This seemed so simple when Kristen did it.  I wasn’t expecting simple, not for my very-first-ever journal, but I did think it would go a bit more smoothly than this.

So first off:  It’s a airshow journal.  That means planes.  So what could be more natural for the cover than a photograph with airplanes flying in formation?  Ooh, and I could maybe use a photograph of my own!  I’m proud of my pictures, and I have a whole boatload of them from airshows!

Only… it can’t be recognizable aircraft, like the Blue Angels or Thunderbirds (they protect their image fiercely – you can sometimes submit their photos to stock sites, but they have to be labeled “for editorial use only”).  And far too many of my photos are closeups; I need something that’ll wrap around to the back cover with the same image, yet be available for commercial use, yet not be recognizable as specific aircraft with specific pilots (like the Oracle biplane) and have the planes positioned so that they’re on the front cover alone but not be pixlellated…

I did find a couple of nice ones that I liked:

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Of course, they’re both reversed – but I’m sure there’s a way in Photoshop or InDesign to flip ’em from front to back.  But they’re both from public domain sites, so no problem using them commercially, and neither have identifying marks.  I really like the second one better – more dramatic, eye-catching, very suggestive 0f an airshow… only where would I put the text?

Could experiment, I suppose…

Okay.  I know that doing is the best way to be learning.  But trying to learn an entire image-altering system at the same time while trying to figure out publishing software is REALLY STINKING HARD.

I need to make time to go through Tony Laidig’s Photoshop Expert course, and soon.  I watched Kristen’s tutorial over and over – I figured a few things out – I got an image that might be acceptable.  I also got incredibly confused and frustrated by my software not behaving like Kristen’s does on the teaching video!

On the other hand, mine isn’t the most up-to-date.  I have Adobe’s Creative Cloud, and I like it, but there was a problem when the three programs I chose (Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator) installed and I can’t be certain that these are the same versions Kristen was using.

So that’s what I’m going to do first; uninstall and then reinstall those three programs, and then get back to work.  Meanwhile, I’ll look for other photos I could use among my own.

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