First ever journal: The cover

Yaaaaack. This seemed so simple when Kristen did it.  I wasn’t expecting simple, not for my very-first-ever journal, but I did think it would go a bit more smoothly than this. So first off:  It’s a airshow journal.  That means planes.  So what could be more natural for the cover than a photograph with airplanes […]

NaNoWriMo 2015 – Journal, day four; playing catchup

Day Four:  4309 words Running Total:  6835 words Yay!  I’m green, I’m green, I’m green!  I love the weekends!  They are such great times for writing uninterrupted! Of course, the problem is that I spent all of today writing about basically nothing.  Minutae!  Every glance, every word – and the Circle meeting should not hjave […]